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Friday, December 12, 2008

"Somebody help me! I'm being spontaneous!"

December 12. National Geographic is reporting today will be the biggest, brightest full moon of 2008. I'm here to report it will be the day Library Voices sheds their biggest, brightest smiles of 2008. Today marks the day we break from the studio for the holidays, and take time to evaluate the first mixes of our new album.

It's (semi) official! The album will be called Museum of Natural History & Make Believe and features 11 new songs. Over the past 3 months, between tours, work, and life, we've been tucked away crafting our first full length record. Thanks to the support of the Sask Arts Board and the unmatched patience of engineer Orion Paradis, this time has afforded us the opportunity to experiment a lot more in the studio. An old tube radio that belonged to Orion's grandmother was rewired to act as an amp and all sorts of instruments and vocals were run through it to create a warm, authentic 60's sound. Brennan got the chance to plug in his old, staticy surf guitar amplifier. I got the chance to fiddle over a handful of handmade instruments including circuit bent children's toys and a prepared music box. Darcy ran her brand new Nord Electro through virtually every device we own. Brett proved that somehow there is room for Daydream Nation era feedback in quiet pop songs. Wind chimes? Check! Thunderstorms? Why not! A gong? Well, we'll have to wait and see...

The experience, although at times trying, has been incredibly fulfilling and rewarding - and now in retrospect I can't think of a better way to spend a Tuesday afternoon than nestled away in the tracking room with Paul and Brennan. Each of them smashing a snare drums simultaneously while I beat on a tin box full of children's tambourines with a maraca.

And so although there will certainly be fine tuning and overdubs to come after the holidays, it's starting to feel like the end is in sight. We're feeling like Jim Carrey at the end of the Truman Show as he braves the waves and inches toward the outside world...

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