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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home And Halloween

We are back in Regina. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make it such a wonderful tour, from Victoria to Charlottetown and back to the prairies again. We met so many wonderful people and bands and I can honestly say that every show was wonderful to play, whether it was to packed houses at the Legion in Calgary and the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax or to 20 wonderful people and bar staff in Lethbrigde. We are going to miss In-Flight Safety and Julie Fader so much! We couldn't have asked for more fantastic people to share a tour with.

What did you do for Halloween? We played a rather ridiculous party in Barrie, Ontario at The Mansion. What a night! From what I remember. Our two 'Best Ontario Friends Forever' (BOFFs?) Caitlyn and Matthew were on hand and shared this photo with us. Also, I was bored before our show in Hamilton so I recorded a Vangelis-inspired version of Kundera On The Dance Floor in our hotel bathroom. Yes, the same hotel that had the Hooters attached to it. I've called it the Kundera Caitlyn Mix. Thanks to Mike for help tweaking the keyboards and thanks to Caitlyn and Matthew for the fun times!

Check it out:
Kundera Caitlyn Mix

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