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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleater Kitty

It's nice to finally be back in the big city. With the recent arrival of lead guitarist Brett Dolter - recently flown in from Regina to play the rest of the shows with us - we are off to Port Hope for a show tonight and then tomorrow is the big day at El Macombo at 10:00pm with Young Rival to follow. We are also playing the after party, where ever that is. We spent the afternoon at the Steam Whistle brewery downtown next to the CN Tower and Skydome. More on that to follow. We had a write up in a Globe and Mail blog:

Special thanks to Lish who's putting us up while we're in the city and to her wonderful cat Sleater Kitty.


1 comment:

canary'sfine said...

Congrats on everything, saw you last night in Port Hope. Stellar material. Cant make it out to the city tonight unfortunately but doing my best to send some people your way.