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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toronto Bound

Hello Friends,
A couple updates from the road:

-Thunder Bay, played at the Apollo with the fantastic We Were Lovers from Saskatoon. The hospitality as always was amazing; Shelia the venue owner and her mother Konstentina cooked the bands up a feast and even though it was a Sunday night the turnout was great and the dancefloor was even better.

-Sudbury, played in a garage with some rad teens and the best dad ever. (I think it's officially called "the garage") He was pretty much a wicked tough hockey dad except into music and the result was the best jam spot / small venue ever. The garage was sound proofed and had a better PA than half of the venues we've played in. Paul fell and broke his elbow on the 3 feet of ice covering every inch of Sudbury and we lost Mike in a pothole somewhere on the highway. All things considered it was one of the most satisfying shows we've played. Huge thanks to the Millard family for putting us up and allowing us to feed their prehistoric dog some blueberries.

-Guelph, played the ebar last night with Hollerado who killed it, as did the venue. Everything was great from the food to the stage (which is seldom big enough for us) to the sound and most of all the people. The four hour drive from Sudbury provided us with plenty of time to ease in to the night allowing for a less rushed more enjoyed evening. The pool table was fed around thirty loonies which was a bargain for the enjoyement it provided. Paul made a three quarter table jump shot to defeat the combo of squirrel and baby duck, aka Aj and Mike. To finish the night off our good friends Mike and Brad let us stay in the attic, guelph's prize alternative venue that has housed shows for the likes of attack in black, jon rae and more as well as being a welcoming floor to crash on. we are currently enjoying some potent coffee and prepairing to take toronto by storm.



Stefan said...

Solid show last night. More people need to know about you.

I reviewed it if you care to read:

Clayton Drake said...

Thanks for coming to Sudbury guys!