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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sled Island

We had the pleasure of playing Calgary's Sled Island Festival again last weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to our show at the Underground! As usual the festival was a blast - blurs and streaks of running from venue to venue trying to catch as many bands as possible. Highlights included:

Yukon Blonde - Best buddies who've recently relocated to Vancouver and are going to take over when they finish their full length record.

Rural Alberta Advantage @ Broken City - This show was magic. You could feel the energy and excitement vibrating all through the room. They're on tour right now, maybe you can go see them!

Monotonix @ Tubby Dog - Insane show, great notdog.

York Redoubt - Energetic kids from Halifax who shared the stage with us at The Underground. We are all fans now.

Woodhands @ The Legion - The crowd was making the floor bounce up and down so violently during their set that I believe the building nearly collapsed. Such is the power of Woodhands' keytar rock.

Brasstronaut @ The Palomino - Indie/Jazz fusion. Their forthcoming album is going to blow minds.

We also saw Andrew WK which was a long time coming and Paul got his picture taken with Nardwuar the Human Serviette. We'll be posting that soon.


Library Voices are featured on the CBC Radio 3 podcast this week.

Listening to it made me so happy that I get to play music in this band.
Ciao For Now

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