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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tour Day Three - Ottawa

So Mike is doing a tour blog for Be sure to check there for fascinating, articulate and entertaining commentary on tour life with the Library Voices. Unfortunatly he isn't flying into Ottawa until tomorrow afternoon for our show at Ottawa Blues Fest on the Subway Stage at 7pm so I thought I'd give an update here:

The last three days have been spent driving from Regina. We arrived in Ottawa this afternoon, not nearly as stinky and grouchy as you might expect. I spent the night with our sound man/tour manager/short-shorts wearer Ryan Drabble, he of the terrific Saskatoon band Slow Down, Molasses and head sound guru at Amigos. We caught 'Lightening Crashes' by the '90s band Live at the side of their stage. Pretty weird hearing the most awesome song of grade seven being sung along to by so many people at such close quarters. We also caught the face-melting end of STYX's set. So many solos! So much hugging!

Whoa, Ed the singer from Live just walked by me in the lobby of the hotel where we're staying and where I'm using the free Internet. I said 'ahhh, good set' and he either ignored me or has significant hearing loss. Regardless, eye contact was made. Weird!

We also ate some amazing vegetarian lasagna, missed M83's set by three seconds. Dammit.

On a personal note I'd like to say that I think smoking is silly and good on our bass player Eoin who's trying to quit and hasn't had a smoke yet this tour. You can do it Eoin.

Okay I should hit the sheets before someone from Kiss wanders by and things get strange again.
Goodnight blogosphere.


Wheatsheaf said...

Saw you guys on Canada Day and loved the show. Looking forward to seeing you again tonight!

meddler said...

Saw you guys tonight - AWESOME set. Loved the Neil Young finale. The Bluesfest is all about "finds". You guys are a find for me - I'm from Pile O' Bones also, 13 years ago.

It was an easy decision to not go back to Cake, after checking you guys out. Good luck - make me some awesome music!