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Monday, February 23, 2009

Library Voices Robbed in Vancouver - $10000 worth of gear stolen

Following our show at the Media Club on Sunday, February 15 our van was robbed while we slept. Left unattended for only a couple hours in the wee hours of the morning - it was still enough time for thieves to tear apart our trailer with bolt cutters and make off with about $10000 worth of gear. Although they only took about 1/3 of the equipment in the trailer, they managed to get a little bit from just about everyone. They got Paul's saxophone, Darcy's accordion, Michael's 4x10 bass cab, Karla's bass head, Eoin's case of pedals and cables, Mike's rack tom and bag of misc. percussion, Brennan's new guitar (that he acquired that very day) and pedal case, as well stacks of other misc cables, pedals, and a strobe light.

Although we were forced to cancel our show Monday in Chemainus so that we could get our trailer welded back together, the rest of the tour went off without a hitch. We managed to borrow and rent enough gear to finish up the remaining shows. All upcoming shows are also good to go.

I'd also like to take a moment to sincerely thank everyone for their support at those shows and for all of the kind words we've recieved over the past few days. It helps keep in perspective why we all play music in the first place.

You can read a story about it that appeared in Chart Attack here.

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