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Monday, February 16, 2009

Landlocked Blues (Tour Updated #2)

This just in. Breaking news from the LV Camp. Despite the claims in our last blog posting, we did in fact manage to wrangle some breakfast at the legendary Gumboot in Roberts Creek. Can you say spinach and olive omelette? Several cups of coffee later we made our way to the ferry and began the epic 20 minute boat ride to Horseshoe Bay. It gave me a taste of what a life at sea would be like and I have decided it's the only life for me! ... so this afternoon we are about to set sail once again. Starboard ho! 

Yesterday we spent the afternoon filing in and out of a one bedroom apartment posing for an infinite number of photos which Mr.Andy Dixon is going to assemble in a stop motion music video for us. Please check out a few of Andy's projects (Secret Mommy,  Ache Records, Winning, The Chemistry, and his latest solo album).

Last night we were blessed with the opportunity to share the stage at the Media Club with Vancouver's Animal Names as well as a farewell performance by The Centers and the man behind the beard, Matt Goud. Thanks to all who came out. 

It's time I take it to the streets in search of coffee.


1 comment:

Scott Fulton said...

I will be driving from Rossland to your show in Kelowna on Thursday, (and bringing friends), I am certain of it. Tell Brett to check his email if he hasn't already... See you soon:)