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Saturday, February 14, 2009

nice nice very nice

welp tonight we're in Roberts Creek at the Little Legion, prepping for what should be a super fun valentine's day party. local lovers are starting to pile in for a night of happy times, good vibes, pool, and music-related shennanigans.

we've been pretty terrible at keeping the blogotron informed. we're currently on night #3 of a western canada tour. thursday night we hit up calgary at one of my favourite places to play--the marquee room. after that we had our very first 12-person sleep in the van. it was......interesting (but not like fun interesting...). Last night we were in kelowna for a night of friends, fancy pants, teens, dagger threats (no jokes--the show almost got shut down), and super happy fun times with Yukon Blonde and other Kelowna favourites.

this tour all 10 pieces of LV has been blessed with an addtional 2 gingers to pack the van. Matt Goud (Means) and his marmalade beard of golden love has brought his guitar and bucket of smiles along to play each night. sound man extraordinaire Ryan Drabble from Saskatoon has also joined us, providing us with microphones, sonic wisdom, and various cheap jokes along the way. two super great guys with huge hearts and a knack for fun.

Sadly tomorrow we'll have to skip breakfast at the much sought after Gumboot in Roberts Creek to head to Vancouver where we'll be meeting up with Andy Dixon to shoot a video for Haunt this House. Fun!! our first real live music video. later on we'll be hitting up the media club with animal names, the centres, and of course...matt goud.


yours in blogalisciousness,

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