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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Merchant Ale House Grab and Smash

This is Eoin,

Grab and smash is a very fitting title to this blog (I am not responsible for it) considering that within the last twenty-four hours both have happened. An affectionate and forward grasp last night reminded me of the old days in Catholic school, followed by some delicious micro brews. A good follow up if you ask me. We didn't have the opportunity to drink last night which meant some of us went to bed still feeling feelings not sure how I feel about that yet, the morning was great. Today felt like a gnarly long drive but in reality probably was only six hours. Mike T. and myself are bench mates now and I couldn't be happier. He is officially the karma to my sutra, the bee to my knees, the bitch to my ho or simply I'm a giraffe and he's a fox(y) works.
Tonight's show was awesome, played with Old folks Home, Ricardo is deadly. The beer here in Saint Catherine's is fantastic in house brewed and not straight hooch. You don't find that everyday. I'm handing this over to Doltron now night.

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