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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

portrait of the artist as a young dog

ten people waking up in an attic in guelph. downstairs our host mike is making us potatoes for breakfast, beside me darcy is demanding that bret massage her feet, brennan is texting his beloved, dawson is nintendo DSing, eoin is miraculously awake again and off to grab coffees and poor paul is coughing away, soldiering on in the face of his awful cold.

last night was quite a show. we played here in guelph at a bar called jimmy jazz. our set was adventurous and afterwards a few of us had the pleasure of backing up paul mcLoud and also this very nice lucas fellow. defiantly one of the highlights of tour. perhaps the most surprising moment of the night came when bret bought me a beer and put a shot of gin in it without telling me. this was his nod to the proud saskatchewan tradition of dropping a shot of gin into a pint of bohemian beer, a 'boh-gin,' also known as the worst next morning of your life.

today our song love in the age of absurdity is the new music canada track of the day over at cbc radio3. we would like to thank the cbc3 for their continuing love and affection!


Chris said...

where are the photos! c'mon!!

Lani said...

I love the mental picture of you guys all squished into an attic waiting for potatoes. :)