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Sunday, November 23, 2008

this is carl.
sitting at a table in the back of the merchant ale house in st. catherines. it's nice to be in a place made of mostly of old brick, wood and tin after the wasteland of southern ontario box stores and concrete we drove through to get here. tonight we play with our old friend ricardo of old folks home. and things are already beginning to get a little crazy. we've come from shows in thunder bay and sault ste marie, bolth (sic) of which were great. in thunder bay we met a lot of new friends, we were fed by wonderful ukranian(?!) women and actually had a dance floor going for most of our set at the apollo. BUT the most remarkable thing about the gig was the next morning when eoin woke up at 7am quite nearly of his own volition - not having to be shaken, molested or battered around in anyway. even he was amazed that he was conscious. however the morning wasn't all gumdrops and roses; brett had to wake drummer mike up by pouring scalding hot tea all over his body. or did he? the matter is still a source of debate in the back seat of the van. sault ste marie was a terrific time: coffee shops, thai food, teenagers playing white rabbit in shady bars, dudes wearing neck chains in excess, tuning pedal salvation, more new friends, sub-par diner french fries, random police check stops and then, at the end of it all in a town called espanola that smelled like dog shit, two hotel rooms the size of modest prison cells that had to accommodate five people each. tomorrow most of us will see niagra falls for the first time!

This next portion of the blog will be written by one Darcy Jean McIntyre!

Our first tour out east has definitely been pretty wild and unpredictable. I always think that we kind of know what to expect from western tours, but jumping feet first into places where we don't know a single soul and usually don't have floors to sleep on is a bit of an eye opener to the unglamourous life of the indie rock band. Now don't get me wrong, we are having an excellent time. Its been lots more driving than we're used to, but not to worry as we have finally found our places in the van and are making two to a seat as comfortable as possible. Which isn't very comfortable to tell you the truth. Brett, Mike T, Brennan, and I just went to an all you can eat sushi place here in St Catherines where Mike T proceeded to order like a food crazed maniac to finally pronounce his satisfaction at the meal. Success! Unfortunately the success only lasted mere seconds when he then spilled a large bowl of sauce onto his crotch. Oh the laughter that ensued. Sigh.....only five more shows left and then back to the beautiful wasteland that is Regina Sk.


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robyn said...

Rock those easteners ... loved your article in Swerve ... A full page ... WOW! Carl, you need to do a clense!

robyn b.