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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Notes From The Road. Chapter 1.

Greetings from The Lo Pub in lovely Winnipeg, Manitoba.

I heard somewhere once that they Canadian goose begins his migration journey with several test runs before it actually heads south. Half a dozen false starts. Nervous wings and cold feet. Today I know how they feel. Every time we embark on any sort of tour the day always begins by circling the city several times - collecting forgotten items and rounding up missing members. All things considered, and despite the fact that Carl is without his beloved mole-skin notebook and Eoin has to try to keep warm for the next couple of weeks without a sleeping bag, we managed to arrive in "The Peg" just in time for a sound tech.

The weather has been a little iffy the past few days, but thankfully the highways were immaculate and the drive flew by with a little help from Red House Painters and Akron/Family.

Tonight we're sharing the bill with two great locals, Codename: The Sharks and Haunter. Our old friend Mike B. is also DJing the event. It's a nice way to start the tour before.

We had a couple of really great features this week in Chart & The Calgary Herald.

Codename: The Sharks has just taken to the stage. I had best log off the old nerd machine and get down with the rock.

-This is Mike Dawson signing off from the land of Fort Gary and Moosehead.

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