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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now Entering The Blogosphere

Here goes nothing. Welcome to the inaugural blog.

It gets dark so early here on the prairies. The girls are all wrapped up in scarfs and the boys are growing beards. Old man winter is breathing down our neck.

The Commodores are belting out their hits on the turntable and my cup of Easy Now tea is sending off smoke signals. I'm nestled up on the sofa reading Tristessa. For some reason transporting myself to Mexico seems more appealing than braving the cold tonight to meet up with Eoin for a pizza pie.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Carl, Darcy, and Brennan are headed into CBC 1 for a little interview and to perform an acoustic rendition of a new song. We'll try to post it in the near future.

Anyway, now that we have this technological behemoth up and running you can expect a steady stream of posts and updates.

Thanks for your time.

This is Michael "Easy Like Sunday Morning" Dawson signing off.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Just bought Hunting Ghosts from iTunes tonight. Have been listening to CBC3 a lot and have been haunted by Step off the Map & Float, finally caught the name and band today! I am really enjoying the EP and look forward to the album! Take care and say hi to Canada for me! :)