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Sunday, November 23, 2008

point form

brett here
blog is the ugliest word in the english language and so I bring you instead an uninvited entry on an internet journal
and point form is the most effective means of communication in the english language so I will separate each thought by these ------
there you are now we're in a new point, just testing
Darcy has just reminded me that I am the most unlikely member of this band. My only connection to any of these people was the fact that I bought organic groceries from Darcy at a quaint, community organic grocery store in downtown Regina called Nature's Best. It's two blocks from my house, and I probably do more socializing with the people in that store than I do with any other humans out there - hey oh!
Due to the wonders of the gasoline economy few Canadians actually converse with the people they buy groceries from. If they did, the tellers wouldn't need to wear tags saying 'Hello my name is....'
Due to the wonders of the Mawson plan, and the novelty of gasoline engines at the time the plan was formed, downtown Regina is pedestrian-friendly. That's why I can walk to the grocery store. That's why I'm in this band. Yay! - pedestrian-friendly urban planning!
library voices - from 14th Avenue Regina to St. Catherine's - that's a lot of gasoline, but hey there's ten of us so per capita we're not doing too bad!

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B Strand said...

Brett: I had the pleasure of working at the Boise Consumer Cooperative for a few years and one of the pleasures of the work was that it wasn't just a grocery store, it was a community center. Regrettably very few places like it are left in North America, because we've become so car driven. At the time I was proud to know the names of a large number of my customers, and I have very fond memories of those days...

Hope you guys come to seattle someday.