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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bucky Award Nominations

It has been over 24 hours and I can still feel the effects of watching Paranormal Activity. If you have an open mind, an inclination towards fear and a yearning for being freaked out I can't recommend this movie enough. After seeing it last night I couldn't sleep for hours and wound up waking up in the bathroom of our hotel in the middle of a sleepwalk. Yikes!

As posted on our facebook, thank you to everyone who has nominated us for the CBC Radio 3 BUCKY AWARDS BEST LIVE ACT. We won a Bucky last year for Best New Band Name and it would rule to get nominated for another one. Just a reminder, to let cbc3 know who you liked seeing live the most (oh and there are also tonnes of other Bucky Award nominations that can be made) you can post on their website:

You can also email:

And you can twitter. I'm not exactly sure how this whole twitter thing works yet. Maybe I'll ask Amanda about it tomorrow.

For the record here were my favorite live acts of the last year:
a.)Woodhands/The Rural Alberta Advantage (I can't choose between them for the life of me!)
b.)Zeus (eeeeggaaaddffffppptttthhh!!)
c.)Rah Rah (oh and hey you can nominate their song "Duet For Emma Lou" for the Most Canadian Song Bucky Award. I'm going to.)
d.)Great Bloomers
e.)Spiral Beach (These kids slay.)


PS. We've all been sick at some point during this tour. Here's the aftermath from a recent show:
PPS. We recently shot a music video for Drinking Games in Regina. It should be finished in December.

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