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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look mom....We're Blogging! (or) The Western Part

(written Tuesday October 13 2009 8:13pm)
Week 3, Blog 2. Yup. We’re on top of it.

We’ve been on the road with In-Flight Safety (and sometimes Julie Fader too!) for over 3 weeks now, and have played in venues from Victoria to Sault Ste Marie. We’re currently making the 2,121 km drive from Sault Ste Marie to Charlottetown. Nothing but time to blog! ...and the future we will be making a much more concerted effort to keep the interweb posted on what’s going on. Promise.

At the moment we’re somewhere on a wet dark highway in New Brunswick. Brennan is driving while Paul is taking a shotgun nap from their shared driving commitments. Pretty much everyone else is in nap mode, except a few on laptops. Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything is playing over the van’s shitty speakers, an audiobook that we’ve been listening to since Winnipeg. After listening to the excerpt on Newton I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pretty sure that Isaac Newton was reincarnated as Charles Bukowski. Think about it.

The past few weeks have brought tons of good times, the kind of experiences that happen when you cram 15 artists into 2 vans, and some unseasonably cold weather. So cold. Everywhere. Various highlights from the past 3 weeks include:

· Rifflandia in Victoria. Such a great festival. We shared a bill with Zeus—their album has been in regular rotation in the van for some time now, and their live show was nothing short of wowsa.

· In Vancouver we met up with Julie Fader & In-Flight Safety. We’re so excited to find that we all get along super well, and it’d be hard to find a more genuine and fun group of people to hang out with for 5 weeks. Honest. Best ever. More of our adventures will be documented in the future.

· Also in Vancouver some of our most favorite Vancouverans (Vancouveranians? Vancouverites?...), Trio Accord, joined us on stage to play Step Off The Map and Float. It was pretty cool to play with them again, this time in their hometown, after we played with them at the Western Canadian Music Awards.

· The Little Legion in Roberts Creek is always a great time. We got to see our dear and much-missed friend Liam, and of course we filled up on a Gumboot breakfast before hitting the ferry.

· In Kelowna, we played at the ever-evolving Habitat. Every time we play there, it looks better and better from the time before. The next morning Paul and Jeff became men. They found a Black Widow in the garage of the home we were staying in, captured it, and now it lives in our van and is trained to kill any intruders. Be warned. Library Voices will not be robbed again.

· Calgary was rad. We played with some of the best bands touring around Canada right now. Spiral Beach, Two Hours Traffic, and of course In-Flight Safety were also on the bill. Check out Spiral Beach’s new album. It just came out.

· We played 2 shows in hometown Regina, where party times never disappoint. One night was at the Exchange, the other at O’Hanlon’s. It was good to be home for a couple nights and see some familiar faces, do some laundry, and get our poop in a group for the trip out East.

Along with those shows the Western leg of our tour included shows in Saskatoon, Lethbridge, Canmore and Edmonton. Each show had some great highlights, but the risk of droning on boring your pants off (hate for you to be at work with no pants. No point in getting fired over it), I’ll stop here. You can use your imagination, maybe write a short story compilation based on your musings, get it published, and quit that shitty job where you have to wear pants. My gift to you.

We’ll post again tomorrow to let the Kingdom of Blog know about what’s been up on the Eastern leg that we’ve travelled thus far. Photos, anecdotes, notes and lists will be posted in the upcoming days while we visit the Maritimes, while we make a genuine effort to get out of our heads and into your computer.

Lots of love.

Manda. LV.

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