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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

today we were responsible adults for an hour (or) which are good, which are bad...

Now in the maritimes! In-Flight Safety Country!

Today Brennan, Carl and Amanda went to the doctor in Moncton. We were feeling pretty under the weather as about 75% of the Library Voices/In-Flight Safety Camp has had some sort of malady since our kick-off. A big thanks to Julie Fader for the small pox (just kidding, we miss you Julie!, it's not small pox, and Carl also brought the rickets into the camp).

And an even bigger thanks to John (IFS) and his parents who put us up in Moncton last night, fed us, and gave us each our own individual bed!...that never happens on tour with 9 people. Ever. Pure luxury. This morning John's dad Bill drove us to the doctor and escorted us about the town.

Here is a photo of us outside Bill's ride (noice IFS sticker!), with all our happy new drugs. This is Carl's first time ever taking antibiotics. We'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again to the Mullanes for your beds, Thanksgiving leftovers, gas, time, patience, laundry facilities, cats, love, bathrooms, and of course your lovely son.

Take care Blogdom.
Manda. LV.

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