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Friday, October 16, 2009

We Freakin' Love The Maritimes

I can't believe how awesome antibiotics are. Oh modern science. Whilst most of the band are falling like dominos to sickness I'm on day three of taking prescribed drugs and feeling better than I have in months! And just in time to take in the east coast. We played Hunter's Pub on Prince Edward Island a few nights back - fun times - and Capital Bar in Fredericton last night which was a fantastic show. Really, we can't get enough of the east coast and all the wonderful people out here! We met a lot of very nice people at last nights show including the wonderful Capitol bar staff and a nice girl named Julia who took some great pictures of the show like this one:

And this one of the end of the night when we joined In-Flight Safety for a swashbuckling rendition of Midnight Oil's Beds Are Burning:

Thanks Julia!
For more of Julia's show pictures check out her flickr:

Next up Moncton, more bloggery to follow.

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