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Friday, October 23, 2009

select snapshots from the current tour

SEPT2609 ROBERTS CREEK jeff storytelling on the beach. prairie kids on the water!

SEPT2809 KELOWNA paul and jeff find & capture a black widow in the garage of the home we are staying in

SEPT2809 KELOWNA the spider is now hidden in our trailer, and trained to attack gear thieves

SEPT2809 KELOWNA the day 2 boys became men

SEPT3009 CANMORE carl redecorates the hotel room (or) wtf is brennan doing?

OCT1109 SAULT STE MARIE thanksgiving dinner. 10cent wings, karaoke, and friendship. a terrible photo but a precious memory. (that goes for most of these photos)

OCT1109 SAULT STE MARIE that night something that will never happen again occurred. LV and In-Flight Safety had a song-for-song rock-off at LopLops. This is a photo of us giving our love and encouragement to our buddies. Our collective competitive streak almost matches the love we feel for one another. almost. but not quite.

OCT1309 SOMEWHERE BETWEEN MONTREAL AND MONCTON jeff locks carl in a phone booth. typical pittstop.

OCT1509 LEAVING CHARLOTTETOWN again with the prairie kids and the water

OCT1709 TO HALIFAX a view of the maritimes from shotgun

More to come darlings. promise.
xo. manda & LV.

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jason cawood said...

what is brennan spitting into his hand?