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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

King Of Carrot Flowers

Yes sir, the blogging will be coming fast and furious now that we've rediscovered our resolve.


Winnipeg was crazy. We rolled into town and found ourselves in the middle of a massive blizzard. After putting on all the sweaters we had with us we went to the university for a radio interview and came upon this photo:

Wow. We plan on recreating it with the In-Flight Safety gentlemen sometime in the very near future.

After the interview we played at our friend Jack's Lo Pub, easily one of our favorite venues. Between bites of their new and improved pub grub new drummer Jeff paused for this pose:

The whole night was fantastic and we set a new band record for most strings broken in a single show. Special thanks to Ricardo and Old Folks Home for their awesome performance and to the Gimli crew for coming out. And to Mike B for putting on the Pop! Et Cetera festival of which our show was a part. Can't wait for next years incarnation!


To be honest we were feeling a little conflicted before this show. We've played at the Apollo when we've came through Thunder Bay in the past and we've always had a wonderful time and received amazing hospitality from the owner Sheila and her mom Konstantina. We look foreward to seeing them whenever we come out east. This time however the show was booked for Jack's and despite our initial reservations it turned out to be a barn burner of a show. In-Flight Safety rocked a full house and we followed with what I remember as a sweaty blast of dancing, broken glass, singing and smiles. Thunder Bay + Saturday Night = Awesomeness. Mad Props to In-flight John for the DJ set afterward. We can't wait to play again on our way back west!

All I gots for now,
Carl & LV


Meghan Eddy said...

You guys rocked the Tbay show! Looking forward to November...even if it's on a Monday.

Lani said...

The boy picture had me giggling for about 2 minutes straight. And I'm at work. And i didn't even stifle it.

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